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Common korean girl names

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  girl korean christianity seo yeon () seo means auspicious, yeon means beautiful or graceful girl korean christianity seo yoon () seo means auspicious, yoon means allow or consent girl korean christianity soo ah () soo means water, sore, bank, ah means beautiful, bud, sprout, elegant, graceful girl korean christianity ae-cha () a loving daughter. You can choose from several names that mean beautiful to express your love for your daughter. There are other names that also have lovely meanings that you may find as a suitable name for your baby girl.   yong is a very popular korean girls name that means the perpetual and brave one. And whan is a name that means always growing which communicates a passion for learning and self-improvement. Korean girl names can be beautiful, strong, and mysterious all at the same time. If you want your daughter filled with good values, this name means.   to give you ideas on what to name your baby girl, here are 103 beautiful and unique korean girl names to choose from. The meanings of these unique korean girl names are also listed. Of course, since we believe its also important you know the meaning of the name youre giving your child.

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