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Black gay web series uncensored

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Fresh out of the oven, we present the latest episode of the popular new web series featuring gay men of color, freefall directed by filmmaker lamont pierré. When we say fresh out of the oven, we mean freshas in the hot now light is still flashing on this one. The idea of a drama about black lgbt people living in east london would likely not have made it to tv. The 2005 logo series is still televisions only show following the love lives of four gay black men. A mark on agustin that can be felt throughout the short duration of this gay-focused show. Influences is an independent web series based on the ruthless streets of new jersey. This series depicts the danger, drama, and effects of the street life. The only people who can tell you about the hood, are the ones who have experienced that lifestyle. Black & gay is a new docu series that explores the lives of real men, who are black and gay. As men of color it can be hard living in the world they live in. Through watching this collection of interviews, you will be able to see things from a different perspective. What is it like being black & gay? This series will be updated on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Loveworks is a reality web series that truly stands out from a lot of other black gay reality webseries. Think of good morning america but with a relaxed and black gay twist. The show is hosted by black gay power couple, juan & gee smalls, and filmed in their home.

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