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Black snake orange bottom fl

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  a black snake with an orange belly is most likely a ringneck snake. Ringneck snakes can vary in color, from tan to almost black, and they have a yellow or orange underbelly and a broken yellowish ring around the neck. Ringnecks are very small black snakes marked with a single ring on their neck (hence the name), on their ventral side (belly) they are bright yellow, red or orange. When stressed or threatened, ringnecks will lift their tail up to show off its brightly colored belly. Ringnecks are typically found under leaf-litter or logs and they also burrow.   adults are small and slender with a black or slate gray body and a yellow, cream, or orange ring across the neck. The neck ring may be incomplete, and snakes in the lower florida keys may lack a ring entirely. The belly is bright yellow, orange, or red with a single row of black half-moon markings down the center. Black on top, ting around neck and orange to red belly color. This harmless snake is commonly called florida ringnecked snake and is officially named diadophis punctatus punctatus. I have handled many and never had a single one attempt to bite. They are beneficial and will eat a number of insect pests around the home. You did not provide much information (where you saw it by country, color of the band, size of the snake, color of its belly, and others) but from what you have likely described is commonly known as the ring-necked snake or ringneck snake, and is a harmless species of snake found throughout much of the u. These would be red bellied water snake (not to be confused with the australian red bellied black snakes).

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