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Interracial marriage in australia

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  in 2018, about 32 per cent of registered marriages were of partners born in different countries, compared with 18 per cent in 2006, according to the australian bureau of statistics. She looks at the historical context of interracial marriages during european settlement of australia and during the last two centuries. She discusses the many difficulties of being in an interracial marriage, including different educational and language backgrounds, different cultural behaviours and values, religion, and having children. Mixed matches interracial marriage in australia authors june duncan owen, june owen edition illustrated publisher unsw press, 20405817, 9780868405810 length.   unlike the us which segregated races almost nation-wide, australias history of interracial marriage - particularly between white and black australians - is less straightforward.   a marriage between a man and a man and a marriage between a woman and a woman if either of the parties to a marriage were at the time of the marriage in question already legally married to some other person and that marriage was recognised as valid in australia.   most aboriginal men and women intermarry with non-indigenous australians, new research has shown.

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