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When did interracial marriage become legal in canada

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7 ballot referendum, alabama becomes the last state to officially legalize interracial marriage. By november 2000, interracial marriage had been legal in every state for more than three decades, thanks to the u.   blacks were so rare in canada that laws on interracial marriage werent necessary. The only significant population at this time was in nova scotia where strict segregation was the rule of society. Remember that the last segregated school closed in nova scotia in 1984. Marriage between two partners of the same gender became legal in canada in 2005. ( see lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in canada ). In 2001, statistics canada began collecting information about same-sex partnerships.   virginia), and eventually snowballed into a landmark civil rights case that declared every race-based legal restriction on marriage unconstitutional in the us. Although canada never passed this type of legislation, it still gives you an idea of the sort of mood america was in at the time.   canadas first legal same-sex marriage was officiated on june 10, 2003, mere hours after ontarios court of appeal declared the canadian law on traditional marriage unconstitutional. When their intentions to wed were announced, allen miraculously avoided being lynched.

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