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An korean name

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  you can see this in sino-korean names such as eun ( kind) or hyeon ( .).   a korean name comprises a family name, followed by a given name. Eun , , m & f korean from sino-korean (eun) meaning kindness, mercy, charity or (eun) meaning silver, money, as well as other hanja characters that are pronounced in the same way. About korean name generator korean name generator lets you convert any name to a korean. E this method by korea diaries of finding your korean name depends on your date of birth.   korean names are a combination of the family name and the last name, and they. Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region.   there are two types of names that can be chosen sino-korean, meaning names that originally come from chinese characters, and pure korean, using only the korean written language. Sino-korean names are far more common, and parents will usually select them by choosing two original chinese characters that have the pronunciation they want.

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