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If you just want to typeset only a few chinese characters, you can use cjk with pdflatex or xecjk with xelatex. Chinese (and japanesekorean) text must be placed inside a cjk environment, so this is usually only convenient for documents in english with bits of chinese text or vice-versa. Documentclass article usepackage cjkutf8 begin document begin cjk utf8 gbsn section section . It seems i was missing a lot of things in the preample, i had tried with some examples found with google, but they would give those errors. For some reason, the examples of the cjk latex package dont seem to be installed. The cjk package is the analogue for latex2 (to be run under standard tex). Most of the cjk (chinesejapanesekorean) encodings are implemented an interface between mule and latex2 is provided by an output encoding lter for mule. Any editorenvironment which is able to handle double byte encodings. 4 (18-apr-2015), a latex 2e macro package that enables the use of cjk scripts (chinesejapanesekorean) in various encodings, written by werner lemberg. This package is in maintenance mode no new development will happen. How to make latex (tetex) handle unicode and cjk (in macos x) the latest version of latex (texlive 2013 as of this writing) includes full support for unicode. You just need to use a few packages and macros and it will work.   id like to generate pdf that includes cjk characters, and in the future all possible unicode characters. Im thinking about using the cjk package for latex for cjk characters specifically but it seems not to be maintained since 2006. Can you suggest something better? Pdf unicode latex pdflatex cjk.

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