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Do black men have large penis

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In general, the average penis length is slightly longer in black or african american men compared to other ethnic or racial groups. 75 cm, but by comparison, the average white or caucasian penis size is only a quarter of a centimeter smaller, at 14. The cervicals and ovaries of black woman are more rooted compared to caucasians. In order for reproduction to continue, the male genitals evolved and got longer in time to adjust to this change in female genitalia. Long story short, science has an answer to all of your curious questions! All if these people sayin that every white guy theyve been with was big is a liar, or they must be finding these well hung white men on some sex web site, because men dont have sh! T below the belt. Black men do not always have larger genitals than men of other races. Penis size is determined genetically and can vary greatly among individuals. And i would definitely say that on average, that black men do have bigger penises. Blacks in general and naturally, tend to have more testosterone. Men with a smaller penis size tend to feel less manly than men with huge tubers between their legs. For a fact, it is said that white male anger against the black male is because the black man has a penis thrice the size of a white mans biggest penis size. Penis enlargement creams, pills and procedures are advertised all over on social media. Most guys wouldnt say no to a bigger penis, even if they fall within the range of 4.

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