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Do fat women have larger vaginas

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Also most fat women have to have c-sections because they simply cant fit a baby through their vaginas. And as another person said those slim girls have for the most part large vaginas you almost dont need a speculum to view the cervix. Do fatter women have bigger vaginas? Results 1 to 15 of 15 thread do. The good thing about fat chicks is that when its hot out, you can fuk their armpits you have glorious wings. Haha, i think it isnt very accurate to umbrella how tight a girls pussy is based on her weight. It is just fat and it is normal if you are overweight or used to be overweight. Some slender women also just naturally deposit more fat there than other places on their bodies, proportionately speaking. Average height for a female in the uscanada is about 54 for all women, but about 55 for women in their 20s. So 56 is tall for an older woman, and 57 is tall for a young woman. They give birth to babies with smaller heads and have smaller hips. Black women store more body fat on their buttocks, but their hips are actually smaller (men and women). White people also have longer torsos and white women also have longer vaginas. If a lady is petite or skinny, chances are that she also has a bony vagina. Gynaecologists say this type of vagina is more narrow and bonier than most. There are differences in the the anatomy of vaginas for sure, and many of these differences depend greatly on a womans ethnic background. It has also been found (buck 2010) that the chemical make-up, and the micro-biome, of the vagina varies from person to person, also often in correlation with racial difference. Elite daily writer jamie leelo spoke to a former vag waxer by the name of mel who broke down all the ins and outs of the thousands of vaginas she saw,.

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