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Do large breasts cause breathing problems

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Can large breasts cause breathing problems? Having overly large breasts can cause a number of symptomslike back pain, bra straps digging into the shoulders, and rashes developing under the breasts. Another problem that many women have, often without even realizing it, is shortness of breath. The weight of excess breast tissue on the chest can actually require women to work harder to breath. There is actually published research demonstrating that having overly large breasts dragging on your chest muscles and ribs actually does increase the work your body has to do to breath in and out. ) once your breasts are reduced and the excess weight of breast tissue is removed the effort required by your chest muscles and diaphragm to draw the breath in and expel it from your lungs is reduced. Answer can huge breasts cause shortness of breath? Large breasts have been implicated in pain of back, neck, shoulders and migraines. I find it plausible that their weight while lying on your back can make breathing a bit difficult too. No large breasts that are pendulous can cause posture problems but not breathing problems. The latter which is secondary to loss of elastic tissue can cause dyspnea or pulmonary problems related to copd. Zenn for a breast reduction consultation do so because of the discomfort their large breasts cause. Women with naturally large breasts often complain about pain in their neck, shoulders, and back. Some women even feel unwanted pain just because of the sheer weight of their breasts. Larger breasts also cause shortness of breath, which can be a contributing factor to quitting training. The weight of the excess tissue can constrict the natural movement of the diaphragm. A study published in the journal plastic and reconstructive surgery , shared by the national library of medicine , found participants were able to breathe easier following breast reduction surgery.

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