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Dunlopillo latex foam pillow

3 stars - based on 230,306 reviews

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Choosing the right pillow has a huge impact on how you sleep. Our 100 pure dunlopillo latex pillows keep your upper body aligned throughout the night and work to counterbalance the parts of your body most in need of pressure relief, such as your neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Dunlopillo latex pillows are presented on the world market for over 80 years and successfully compete with the market leaders of bedding.   i am darn impressed with the dunlopillo super comfort latex pillow. Ive always loved the support of memory foam pillows, but the slower bounce back leaves something to be desired. It has the fantastic, pressure relieving, support of memory foam, with a springy lively bounceback. Enjoy free delivery over 40 to most of the uk, even for big stuff.

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