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Enamel paint vs latex paint

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  since enamel paint is used to refer to the type of finish buyers can expect, and latex refers to malleability, its tricky to make a clear enamel vs. However, as you select the paint thats right for your project, youll likely encounter another type of paint oil-based paint, which stands in clear contrast to latex-based paint. When we are using latex paint it does not provide a glossy finish whereas enamel paints are meant to provide a glossy finish.   the finish you want for your project may help determine the paint you choose. For example, matte, flat, or eggshell finishes are available in latex paints, while enamel has a hard, glossy finish. Between the two paints, latex is often considered more sophisticated and modern.   unlike enamels and alkyd (oil-based) paints, latex paints clean up with water and dry much faster. Cheaper than enameloil paint lower voc it comes in a variety of sheens water clean up easier to use dries faster cons of latex paint. However, if you are trying to decide between the two, then understanding the major difference between latex and enamel will help you make the best-informed decision about which one is the right paint for your needs. Of course, it helps if you know the differences between all paints on the market which includes acrylic and oil-based paints as well.

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