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Exercises of penis enlargement

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All penis enlargement exercises 10 minute work out basic stretching this pertains to a set of basic stretches that are made to hit every possible angle so you do not miss even the smallest gain. Different types of penis exercises penis stretching exercises. Jelqing is perhaps the most commonly practiced penis enlargement exercise. Manual stretching exercises involve using your hand to massage the tissues along the length of your penis. This is intended to stretch the skin and create micro-tears in the tissue. The exercise is done in 0-30 erection, if you gain more erection, stop the exercise right there. However, combined with jelqs or expansion exercises, the additional volume of blood pumped with kegels assists in the process of penis enlargement. Two exercises that utilize kegel are the vikings kegel plus squeeze and flexing girth exercise , both of which are friendly for all kinds of users. The two main manual exercises touted for penis enlargement are stretching for added length and jelqing, which involves regular penis massages, for added girth. Both techniques are based on the idea that massage creates micro-tears in your tissue, which your body then fills in through the healing process. Erection level bring your penis erection level to 50 75 percent by slightly stroking your penis. The penis should be relaxed enough that its easy to push blood through it. Ok-grip use your thumb and main pointer finger to form an ok-grip (see the guide above for an example). How to do it make sure that your penis is partially erect and use a lubricant like baby oil or. This should be used for the first few weeks to become accustomed to pe. After some time you should seek out a more intense girth exercise.

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