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Fat transfer breast enlargement

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Fat transfer breast augmentation essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. This is a breast augmentation option for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and would prefer natural results. Significant research on fat transfer breast augmentation has been. Autologous fat grafting is quite common for breast augmentations as well as for reconstructive breast surgery. Coleman has described the surgical technique of fat grafting. Fat is harvested, and after centrifugation and refinement, blunt infiltration cannulas are used to place the fat through small incisions. Fat transfer breast augmentation (also known as natural breast augmentation, fat grafting, autologous fat transfer, or lipoinjection) is a multistep procedure in which your surgeon removes excess fat cells from one or more areas of the body via liposuction, purifies the fat, and injects into the breasts using a cannula (a thin tube) or small syringe. What is fat transfer breast augmentation? Breast enlargement with fat transfer is a safe alternative to breast implant surgery and involves the removal of fat from other areas of a womans body, such as the legs or abdomen, and transferring it into the breasts. 4- step 4 finish the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure. The process of fat transfer breast augmentation procedure takes place within 60-90 minutes. After fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, the patient was painless and stayed in the recovery room for 3 hours. After that, patient will be transferred to the room after eating. Fat transfer is a process that takes place by taking the existing fat in any part of the patients body and injecting it into different areas. Especially fat taken from the belly and hip area can be used in breast augmentation, facial aesthetics and lip augmentation. What is fat transfer breast augmentation? Breast augmentation with fat transfer emerged in december 2009, with 25-year old british emma harding as the first patient. Since then, fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as fat grafting or autologous fat transfer has become the answer to every womans quest for bigger breasts.

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