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I love in korean

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The main common word that youll notice in i love you in korean is the word (sarang). When you add (hada) to the word (sarang), you get the verb (saranghada).   the simplest way to say i love you in korean is saranghae, but there are a few other expressions you can use to convey your affection, as well.   how to say i love you in koreanlets all learn together!wanna learn more?httpswww.   saying i love you can be expressed in formal, standard, or informal ways. You need to choose which version youll use depending on who youre saying i lov.   the full korean phrase to say i love you (informal polite) is . (jeo) is the honorific term for i, and (dangsin) is the honorific term for you. This is a very literal phrase to say i love you in korean, because is not commonly used in spoken korean. As you can see above, the most common way to refer to love is (sa-rang). You will usually see this word in its verb form () but it can be used without the verb stem as well. A popular form of this would be (nae sa-rang) this means my love. If you tell someone that you love them in korean, you will surely hope to hear i love you, too. New generation korean especially teenagers use this word to express love for their partners. If you want to be more expressive and romantic you can say . Formal jeo-neun dang-shin-eul jo-ah-hae-yo informal na-neun neo-reul jo-ah-hae do you like a person? Not love but like? Well, heres how you say i like you in korean.

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