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I not cute in korean

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Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. How do you say this in korean? Im not pretty and cute informal way. See a translation report copyright infringement answers when you disagree with an answer.   in fact, many people in korea want to be seen as cute, and will behave in cute ways. People acting in this way will be pleased to hear you describe them as cute, so make sure you learn this word so that you can make lots of friends in korea.   cute korean words and phrases arent i cute? ( naega gwiyeobji) i love you ( saranghaeyo) i miss you ( bogo sipeo) sweetheart ( ae-in) honey or darling ( yeobo) baby ( jagiya) dont go ( gajima) bff ( bepeu) honey jam (aka,.). Gwiyeowo () translates to its cute, subject is cute and so on. In korean, you can omit the subject (i, you, it, the girl, etc.).

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