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In the korean war

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  korean war, conflict between the democratic peoples republic of korea ( north korea) and the republic of korea ( south korea) in which at least 2. The war reached international proportions in june 1950 when north korea, supplied and advised by the soviet union, invaded the south.   the korean war (1950-1953) was the first military action of the cold war. It was sparked by the june 25, 1950 invasion of south korea by 75,000 members of the north korean peoples army. Foreign policy, america extended security commitments to two nations in northeast asiathe republic of korea and japan. The department of state under secretary dean acheson forged a series of agreements to build a permanent american presence in the region and support these two nations, creating alliances that have lasted to today.   today, north korea claims it won the korean war, which it calls the fatherland liberation war, and blames the united states for starting it in the first place.   fought from june 1950 to july 1953, the korean war saw communist north korea invade its southern, democratic neighbor. Backed by the united nations, with many of the troops furnished by the united states, south korea resisted and fighting ebbed and flowed up and down the peninsula until the front stabilized just north of the 38th parallel. China was successful at defeating the americans in their first battle against the americans during the korean war. China attacked from the north, northwest, and west against the americans and south koreans. After having a civil war and fighting off the japanese invasion, the chinese had become good fighters. The north koreans managed to force the 2d division out of wonju by the evening of 7 january, and all counterattacks failed to retake the city. The north korean success at wonju and the dangerous penetration of the rok iii corps by the nkpa ii corps threatened to unhinge the entire un line.

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