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Is japan in korea

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  in todays lesson, well learn how to say japan in korean. After all, its the country neighboring korea, and youre likely to visit it a few times while staying in korea if you like to travel. It is blessed with an abundance of nature, more so than its neighbour. Whether it is the depth of ocean or the height of mountain that youre seeking on your adventure, japan promises only the best for you.   the nations share a complicated history, tied to atrocities committed when japan colonised korea.   the main difference between korea vs japan, in my opinion, is that technology is slightly more important than tradition in korea, while slightly less so in japan.   while japan has warmer sentiment towards south korea than it does toward china, there are still many japanese who harbor strongly negative views. Answer (1 of 23) note i originally answered why are japan and south korea so technologically advanced? Apparently op later changed the question to is south korea overtaking japan in technology and now it appears my answer is little less relevant.   south korea is full of surprises, heres 10 youll want to watch out for if you dont want to do something illegal! Whilst having a tattoo is not illegal in korea though may ban you from entering some jjimjilbangs! A quirk in korean law means that most tattoos are done illegally. Japans victory in the russo-japanese war, the japankorea treaty of 1905 was agreed in which korea became a colony of japan. Japanese officials increasingly controlled the national government but had little local presence, thereby allowing space for anti-japanese activism by korean nationalists.

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