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Korean affair movie list


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South korea, infidelity (sorted by popularity ascending) 46 titles. My sassy girl (2001) based on true stories posted by ho-sik kim on the internet, in which he narrates his love affair with his girlfriend. Leads are married together but years of marriage deteriorates their once good relationship and ml has an affair with a co-worker. Ennis and jack are two shepherds who develop a sexual and emotional relationship. Their relationship becomes complicated when both of them get married to their respective girlfriends. Director ang lee stars jake gyllenhaal, heath ledger, michelle williams, randy quaid.   directed by lee jae-yong () written by kim dae-woo () 108min release date in south korea 19981003. Seo-hyun is a bored housewife living with her architect husband and ten year-old son. But when she meets her younger sisters fiance, woo-in, her life changes forever.   my wifes having an affair this week is a remake from a japanese drama with the same title. After being married for eight years, do hyun-woo (lee sung kyun) was devastated after finding out that his wife, jung soo yeon ( song ji hyo ) is cheating on him. A list of 338 films compiled on letterboxd, including unfaithful (2002), notes on a scandal (2006), asylum (2005), we dont live here anymore (2004) and the good girl (2002).   its a startling, dark examination of isolation, love, loneliness and repressed emotions and desires. Amores perros (2000) alejandro inarritu s fiercely ambitious feature film debut tells three interconnected stories that deal with love, infidelity, guilt and redemption.   so here are the hottest student-teacher films that you can watch if you like, its totally up to you-. Also known as for my daughters honor, fourteen-year-old high school student amy dustin becomes an object of romantic affection to pete nash, the schools biology teacher and football coach.

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