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Korean ginseng extract gold

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Product name ginlac 6 years korean red ginseng extract gold. Ingredients 6 years red ginseng extract gold (red ginseng extract 100, total ginsenoside amount 80mgg). Recommended intake and method once a day, intake 12g, directly or diluted with water. Ingredients 100 red ginseng extract 90, fermented red ginseng extract 10. Health functions help in improving immunity, improving from fatigue, blood flow through inhibition of platelet aggregation, improving. The gold extract has the highest possible concentration in ginsenosides. Click here to learn more about the benefits of korean red ginseng. Our korean red ginseng extract gold arises in the region of geumsan, benefiting from ideal climate and conditions of cultivation for ginseng. Competitors add sugar, licorice and other ingredients to give sweetness and therefore lead to less potent extract. Korean red ginseng extract gold is a concentrated pure red ginseng extract.

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