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Korean type blood

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Known to generally be more conservative and introverted than other types, people with type a blood (also known as the farmers) are said to have more difficulty in expressing their emotions and trusting other people.   people with blood type a are described to be friendly and sensitive. They are said to be interested in exploring the world but tend to shun crowded places, opting to stay where they are to avoid getting overwhelmed. Type a persons are presumably delicate enough that they always react to small changes and know how to keep their feelings hidden until they finally gain their confidence.   what does your blood type say about you in korea? Blood type a. Thanks to masahiko nomi, the japanese journalist who developed blood type personality theory in the 1900s, there was an introduction to this idea. Afterwards, this idea has become an adopted way of thinking in many asian countries. Blood type o people with type o blood are outgoing, energetic, optimistic, and known to be natural leaders. They like speaking their minds while maintaining a friendly attitude, and possess high self-confidence which leads them to be highly ambitious and obsessed with success. They convince themselves that theyre winners and hate losing.   in korea, the common belief is that anyone with the ab blood type is either a genius or the exact opposite, but whichever one you are, you act like youre from another planet. Once youre interested in something, you dive deep and show little concern for anything else.

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