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Large spider gag

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Simply put, the large one is for holding the mouth open for insertion this is a pretty big ring, so please make sure you can handle it before you order. Ring measures approx 1 78th inches at its largest, and the entire gag is about 6 inches across. Glwjxjg people are scared by a giant spider hand coming out from under the table. This gag leaves your partner speech-less while still having access to their mouth as it remains open! The gag will remain securely around their head with the belt style buckle. Because the strap is adjustable, it can fit a wide range of people. The gag part its self is an o shaped ring which measures approximately 1. Steel rings and four metal legs ensures your partner mouth is open as long as you want! Customers also buy fetish fantasy series sensual hot wax. Lovkiz 200 spider web halloween decorations with 2 pcs giant spider decorations (5ft 2. 5ft), halloween hairy spiders scary fake props for indoor outdoor yard lawn decoration home holiday halloween decor.

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