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Latex aligning equations

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The following graphic shows the output produced by the latex code you have to wrap your equation in the equation environment if you want it to be numbered, use equation (with an asterisk) otherwise. Inside the equation environment, use the split environment to split the equations into smaller pieces, these smaller pieces will be aligned accordingly. As soon as one of the super- or subscripts gets wider than the sign, this will break the alignment (note eq. (2)) begin align text maximize &sum j1 npj xj text subject to &sum j10000 nwj xj leq c, &xj in 0,1, j 1, ldots, n. Use & to signify to align with the equals begin align xyz & ,1 xyz & frac 5 2 xyz & ,5 end align you can use these in math mode - a thick space - a medium space , - a thin space -- used this here in front of the simple numbers ! - a negative thin space.   in this video i show how to write multi lined equations in the align environment. To open a blank writelatex document to try this right now, click here http.   my goal is to vertically and horizontally align a group of equations. Each row of equations has two columns and there are a total of six rows. I also used subequations, which allowed me to vertically align the equations (i. ) however doing that did not permit me to horizontally align my equations. Quad & af b quad & bd - bs quad & bi 0 forall i neq s, t quad & 0 leq fij leq infty endalign i want the equals signs to be aligned but i cant get it to work. Latex provides a feature of special editing tool for scientific tool for math equations in latex. This video shows you how to align equals signs in multi-line equations.

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