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Latex allergy percentage

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In the general population, only 1 of people have a latex allergy. Up to 68 of children who are born with spina bifida have an allergy to latex. It is believed that this is because of the chances of experiencing multiple surgeries. Wear medical alert identification or jewelry to tell others of latex allergy in an emergency. Who is likely to have a latex allergy? Less than 1 of people in the us have a latex allergy. While latex allergy is rare, affecting 1 to 6 percent of the general population, it is much more common in employees who work in the medical or dental health field. 8 percent of dental care workers have been diagnosed with latex allergy. About 1015 of health care workers became allergic to latex. Most, but not all, hospitals eventually figured this out and started to cut out the latex gloves. Meanwhile, a lot of health care workers got out of health care before the fda banned powdered gloves in 2017. As much as 6 percent of the population (or 19 million americans) have the allergy. Most people with a latex allergy arent too affected usually they get skin reactions like hives or swelling when they touch highly allergenic items like condoms, band-aids, or dishwashing gloves. Type iv latex allergy the symptoms of type iv latex allergy as stated above, type iv latex allergy is a delayed reaction to chemicals used in the manufacturing of latex and affects the skin. Symptoms include a red itchy scaly rash, often localised to the area of use, such as wrists and forearms with glove use. 7 of healthcare workers, representing the most occupationally affect group 14 other occupational exposure may occur in those working in the rubber industry, research, housekeepers, gardeners, etc.

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