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Latex and condom and sensitive

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  although its possible to be allergic to any type of condom, latex is the most common culprit. The latex condom is a type of male condom made from latex, a natural rubber made from hevea brasiliensis tree sap. The rubber sheath is meant to cover the penis during intercourse to prevent most stis and unwanted pregnancies. About 90 of condoms on the market are latex condoms due to the uncomplicated application and wide availability of the material used in production.   mucus membrane exposure to a condom in a woman with latex allergy could provoke a serious systemic reaction, he explains.   t a while a bit surprising, its true that you can actually develop a latex sensitivity or allergy even if youve successfully used latex condoms in the past.   a very common symptom with a latex condom allergy is a burning sensation 5. This burning sensation may be experienced inside of the vagina, on the penis and on the skin of any area that has been in contact with the condom.

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