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Latex center align

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  a single equation in align is centered, so with gather you get both equations centered otherwise, nest align inside gather. Documentclassarticle usepackageamsmath begindocument a single equation in textttalign is centered, so with textttgather you get both equations centered begingather a b c a b c quad a b c endgather if you have emphtwo equations to. How do i center align text in latex? Centre (center) endcenter is used to centre the text (note the american spelling). This tends to make the paragraph look ugly and hard to read, but it is useful for centring figures, tables etc.   im trying to center a couple of equations but theyre stick to the left side. I want to center code, edit and compile here code, edit and compile here but i dont find the way with eqnarray or align environment in this template. Answer (1 of 3) the question has been answered by justin rising already - essentially you center a block of text using the environment code center code fwiw the help guide on text alignment 1 may make it even clearer. If there are several equations that you need to align vertically, the align environment will do it begin align 2x - 5y & 8 3x 9y & -12 end align open this amsmath fragment in overleaf. The following graphic shows the output produced by the latex code usually the binary operators ( , and ) are. I did this begincenter beginenumeratelabel(roman) item equation 1 item equation 2 item equation 3 item equation 4 endenumerate endcenter this is not working nicely. I have also tried without enumerate and just center and labeling manually. Here is the align environment i use to accomplish this renewenvironment align par!aligned endalignedpar im not sure how you would go about making it work for align itself, with numbering and such.   latex tables how to center text both horizontally and vertically.

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