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Latex cervical pillow

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  maybe you can fall asleep, but your sleep is not as restful as you would like. You will choose the best latex cervical pillow for better sleep. The solution to your problems could be more comfortable and faster than you imagine users of cervical latex pillows confirm an improvement in symptoms in the vast majority of cases. Flat, low & thin latex pillow design for teenager and children, stomach sleeper, and people who like thin slim pillow or sleep without pillow, one 1. 3 inch surrounding )) slim pillow with ergonomic edges is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort. Organictextiles standard latex contour pillow by organictextiles 3. A recent controlled trial in the american journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation sowed that an ergonomic latex pillow can significantly decrease neck pain disability symptoms related cervical spondylosis after four weeks.   this method is designed to offer exceptional pressure relief and to maintain a neutral cervical spine. This pillow is crafted to be naturally free from mildew and dust mites, with ventilation for enhanced breathability. A 100 natural cotton cover is included to keep things clean and crisp. Offers support for the cervical region of the spine in various sleeping positions. The latex pillow is a good natural option to traditional foam pillows with the best pressure reducing surface. A natural latex pillow that will accommodate both side and back sleeping postures. The pillow uses a talalay latex which offers optimal support, providing a very high level of comfort and has no synthetic additives. The latex material is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial the result is a pillow ideal for sensitive sleepers who want to avoid overheating during the night. This super soft pillow is incredibly durable so you can utilize comfort and support for years to come. And conforms to your specific body shape offers superior support to those suffering with long-standing back issues.   latex is typically very firm, so this is a good choice if you have dreams of sleeping on a cloud but get waking headaches from pillows made from softer materials like down.

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