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Latex enumerate skip

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More specifically, i want the output to look something like 1. However, when i use addtocounterenumi (within the first beginenumerate endenumerate block obviously), it increases the outer counter and i get 1. Depending on the level of enumeration, a simple setcounter enumi 5 would suffice. (the number of i s after the enum in the first argument is the level of enumeration. Another approach would be to call stepcounter enumi as many times as you want to skip items. This makes the number of skipped items independent of the number of.). I would like to skip numbering in a latex enumerate environment to generate lists as follows (1) item 1. The latex code is auto-generated, so ideally, i would like to insert silent item-s in the environment, so that they will keep track of the numbering but nothing will appear on the output. Enumerate environments generally nest themselves fine without much intervention. The idea of having bulleted or numbered lists as items of a larger bulleted or numbered list is very popular and reasonable, so latex handles it without any real intervention on your part. Just begin another enumerated list inside of the one you have.   latex line spacing faq how can i control the line spacing in itemize and enumerate tags? What i did was to create my own latex command, and then use that command instead of the traditional enumerate tag. ) the latex example below shows how to create your own command named packedenum.   latex distinguishes between three different enumerationitemization environments. Each of them provide four levels, which means you can have nested lists of up to four levels.   it sounds simple resume the numbering of items in an enumerate environment in latex to have it continue numbering where the previous enumerate left off. Assume we have the following code documentclass a4paper article begin document section my items begin enumerate item first item item second. The section parts i get, but i cant seem to get my numbering looking good using enumerate. Ive tried using subitem, and nesting enumerate, but it wont look right. I have a 3-level list with the levels formatted as follows a.

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