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Latex figure caption font

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The font commands used for the caption label (the figure x part). The font commands used for the caption text that follows the label. The alignmentjustification of the caption (left, right, hanging indent, etc) and much more. In latex, you can use a command such as sf in the caption command to put the text of the caption in a sans-serif font, but latex still uses the default font for the label, so you get an ugly mixture like this (figure 1 in times and the rest of the caption in helvetica). Open an example of different captioning options available in latex in overleaf. Adding a caption to a floating environment (for images, figure provides a floating environment) is very easy. If you want to change the name of the figure or table caption from fig. The part of latex code for the both image and caption is the following begin frame frametitle model begin figure l centering includegraphics width0.   it is always good practice to add a caption to any figure or table. All you need to do is use the caption text command within the float environment. Latex will automatically keep track of the numbering of figures, so you do not need to include this within the caption text.   i am using figure and documentclass a4paper,12pt report. I would like to change the appearance of text below the pic, i. E, i would like to change in label figfigure 1 so that it appears figure 1 in bold. Example figure figure 1 this is an example caption with a small font and a sans serif label. 1 identication 1 needstexformatlatex2e19940601 2 providespackagecaption19950405 v1.   with the latex package caption you can change the properties (such as font family) of the captions of floats (tables and figures). Its part of a default latex installation, so probably you dont need installing something. You could use this package to better separate the captions of floats from the body text. For example, the following line in you preamble will typeset the captions in a sans serif font. You can disable the caption number for figures and tables by using the caption command begin figuretbp centering includegraphics width1inplaceholder caption unnumbered figure caption. End figure the code will produce this the caption command will produce a caption that has no label or number at all, not even in the list of figures.

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