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Latex for mold making

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Natural latex, which exudes from the hevea brasiliensis tree, is a unique mold making material. It is a natural product and its mold making properties are based upon the evaporation of water. Consequently, thin layers are deposited on the object until the mold is created, vulcanized, and backed up. Naturform molding latex rubbers are most often used to make molds for casting concrete (e. , veneer stone manufacturing and statuary), plaster and limited casting with some resins. These latex products offer excellent tear strength and elongation properties and are available in 58-62 solid content and 70-74 solid.   liquid latex mold types tutorialthis video describes the kinds of liquid latex rubber molds and latex mold types, that can be made to reproduce a variety of. Another brush-on latex, this product performs nearly as well as our top pick. It also requires that you apply several thin layers to achieve a reliable and reusable mold. What are the benefits of using liquid latex for mold making? Liquid latex mold is highly stable and has good tear resistance. Unlike other types of liquid latex, aeromarine latex mold only has minimal shrinkage because it has a solids content between 68 and 70 percent. Youll be able to create latex molds that are durable and accurate to every detail. Mould making liquid latex rubber is one of the least expensive ways to make moulds at home for casting plaster, polyester resin or urethane parts or to create masks.   the latex may be applied by dipping the mould into the latex or by brushing it on in thin layers. Allowing gentle air pressure to the mould will help the latex to work its way into intricate and detailed parts of the mould. When applying the latex with a brush, we would recommend brushing a couple of centimetres beyond the edge of the mould. It is one of the simpler materials with which to make a flexible mould. Its ability to reproduce detailed surfaces is very good and the shrinkage is low. You apply latex by brushing one coat on at a time over the model,allowing each coat to dry before applying another.

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