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As said before german refers to alte rechtschreibung, the orthography before 2006, and ngerman to neue rechtschreibung, the orthography since 2006 (with transition period since 1996). Thus the differences are different hyphenation patterns are used due to changed rules in hyphenation. This will install, among many other latex files, the files for the ngerman language. 9c the basic behaviour of some languages can be modi ed when loading babel. Modi ers are set after the language name, and are pre xed with a dot (only when the language is set as package option neither global options nor the mainkey accept them).   this package includes 13 files with a total size of 819045 bytes. We showed the babel package in the main lesson as a way to choose different hyphenation patterns. It does a lot more than that, depending on the language(s) being used. For example, in german, it provides some shorthands for creating soft hyphens, and also a way to quickly type umlauts without needing a german keyboard. Ich habe jetzt texlive-lang-german installiert das problem bleibt bestehen.   babel-german babel support for documents written in german. This bundle is an extension to the babel package for multilingual typesetting. It provides all the necessary macros, definitions and settings to typeset german documents. The bundle includes support for the traditional and reformed german orthography as well as for the austrian and.

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