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Latex gloves process

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  making latex exam gloves start from collecting the raw material needed which is natural rubber. After workers tap the rubber trees for latex sap, the materials are sent to the glove factories where they will be combined according to the glove specifications. Forms that are shaped liked hands (in different sizes) are then dipped into the latex. The latex hardens on the form, with the inside of the glove molded on the outside of the form. Making of the latex gloves the production process for the gloves begins when the liquid latex is combined with the other chemicals. A hand-shaped tool is inserted with different size and shape into the heated latex and then allowed to cool. Latex gloves process brief the rubber is first sliced by a rubber mixing machine, and then sliced and sent to a sol cylinder and a gasoline mixed sol. After the sol is emulsified and prepared, the latex intermediate tank is pumped.   examination gloves manufacturing process flow examination glove processing flow chart glove line industry presented by k. The present invention relates to a blend of foam latex and to a manufacturing process to produce gloves from said blend. The present invention relates also to gloves obtainable by said process. The blends of the invention comprises synthetic andor natural latex, and at least a foaming agent selected from the group comprising disodium n- octadecylsulfosuccinamate, sodium dihexyl. Formers to remove any residual particle or dirt that could cause defects in the final glove product, and to ensure latex adhesion to the formers during latex dipping. In cleaning, the formers are sunk in acid and alkali baths and are brushed mechanically for thorough cleaning. Process the factory is fitted with modern machinery, which is double former with six tire machine and manned by experienced personnel and regularly checked and maintained by qualified experts to ensure the smooth running in production and consistency in the quality of our gloves.

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