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Latex hood pants

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If you have already had some experience with a latex mask, we recommend that you try out a hood with closed eyes. With a blindfold you are not tempted to open your eyes, and by renouncing your sense of sight you can perceive a new intensity of all other feelings and touches. Hoods leggings n pants maskinx latex design email ordersmaskinx. Showing 1 to 34 of 34 (1 pages) latex masks for real latex connoisseurs. A pair of latex male pee pants with rubber sheath attached to a long tube which is in turn attached to a latex hood. The rubber hood comes with a rear zipper of easy entry or exit and is available with nose breath holes only, or with eyes and nose openings. Special outfits adult baby clinic fantasy office & school the abbey the maids room uniforms. Latex hoods latex bizarre care miscellaneous new products & shopping tips all new products. Size by waist 56cm-60cm 61cm-70cm 71cm-80cm 81cm-87cm 89cm-93cm 94cm-99cm. Latex rubber briefs with penis cover and inflatable anal plug.

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