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Latex installing style files

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You can download latex packages and style files into any subdirectory of your home directory. We recommend that packages are installed into a subdirectory of texmftex so that latex can find them automatically. Style files have been developed to give articles a uniform appearance. If you write an article please use one of the following styles. Download this style file and place it in the directory where you will create your article. Tex file and write in the preamble usepackagefile in general, if you dont want to or cant copy the. Tex folder, you can write the relative path to where it is saved, like this usepackage. Latex class and style files can frequently be found on the web sites of academic publishing companies, as well as private home pages. However the one-stop shop for them is ctan, the comprehensive tex archive network. Cls), packages and any other custom style files for use by latex (extensions. Bst) have been provided, place these into a similar tree of the form. Some helpful files to make your latex papers look like this are chadskeleton. Sty a basic style file that collects many of the formatting commands. Bst my bibliography format, basically the aer format without the bold author. Research journals the latex style files for all our research are contained in a single zip files. The links below are to a pdf containing instructions for use of the style files which also serves as an example of the use of the style file as wells as the full zip file. The zip file includes a readme file which you should read first to start the installation. Otherwise, this style file has not been changed and should still work under latex 2. However, this old style file is no longer supported and its use is discouraged.

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