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Latex mattress vs spring mattress

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  latex mattresses provide more motion isolation compared to spring. So, if your partner moves a lot while sleeping, you are more likely to experience that movement on a spring mattress, as compared to a latex mattress. This is because a spring mattress typically provides lesser motion isolation.   latex mattresses tend to be costlier than most memory foam mattresses and some spring coil brands. This is because as a natural product with a labor-intensive process, latex requires more labor to create.   latex mattresses are better than foam mattresses when it comes to sleeping cool. However, a spring mattress tends to sleep cooler compared to latex. Mattresses using organic latex tend to last longer compared to other types of mattresses. Latex mattresses are ideal for amorous activities as they rarely make noise. On the other hand, spring mattresses are normally made with a mix of natural textiles and synthetic fibers. Therefore, they might not last long as compared to the 100 natural latex-based mattresses. Firmness latex mattresses that are comprised of natural fabrics are firm.   additionally, latex mattresses have pinholes in them which further enhance the natural airflow. Also, latex is naturally mould resistant and dust mite resistant without needing added chemicals, in contrast with innersprings. Innerspring mattresses usually have chemicals added to them for those purposes.   durability latex mattresses usually last longer than spring mattresses. Pain relief latex mattresses conform a bit better to the body than traditional innerspring mattresses. As a result, latex is usually better are relieving pressure point pain.   in my experience latex and innerspring mattresses have a similar resilience or bounce to them, compared to hd foam or memory foam. However latex is much more supportive because of the tightness of the cells of the latex foam compared to the 1 inch diameter steel springs. Additionally, most coil spring mattresses have memory foam, latex, or some other type of bedding to provide a soft surface to sleep on. Pros durable materials, and newer pocket coil systems provide comfortable support. Cons older coil spring mattresses can cause more back pain and irritate pressure points.   this is a big advantage compared to spring mattresses and water beds which tend to transfer motion from side to side. Customizability another reason people might choose latex over other types is the ease of customization offered by some retailers.

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