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Latex paint on cement walls

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  latex paint and epoxy enamel paint are the two most common choices when selecting paint to use on concrete. Its important to select a paint that wont fade or wear down over time and wont easily chip or crack. Latex acrylic paint for concrete floors would be the best choice for indoor concrete but not for any high traffic areas. First of all, it is very clear to tell you that cement walls cannot be painted directly, because the construction walls are flat and easy to contain dirt such as floating dust. Direct painting will not only cause pits on the wall, but also easily lead to peeling.   thereof, can you add latex paint to concrete? You can add paint while mixing concrete. Many people use latex paint in order to color the concrete mix that they are about to use. Simply substitute latex paint to a certain percentage of the water in the mix. Do it slowly so as not to put too much paint into the mix, making the concrete lose its integrity. Ordinary latex paint is well-suited for interior concrete walls. Use an eggshell or satin latex paint on concrete walls that arent exposed to much duress. For concrete walls within weight rooms, work rooms and kids play rooms, choose a semi-gloss latex paint that will resist stains.   cleanup is easy as well, since most concrete paints are water-based acrylic latex formulas. When working with acid-based stains, its important to take precautionary measures because they often contain corrosive components that can cause eye and skin irritation and produce strong odors. Satin latex paint is appropriate for coating interior cement walls. Those who desire a glossier coating may decide to choose a paint with a semigloss sheen. Flat latex paints are not suitable for interior cement walls, because they are prone to staining and difficult to clean.

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