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Latex paint toxic

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Latex paint is a water-based paint that is a less toxic alternative to oil-based paints. In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the hazards in everyday products and substances. Carpet, packaged foods, household chemicals and even paint now have demonstrated health risks. Recyclable latex paint is hazardous waste paint that is (1) water-based latex paint, (2) still in liquid form, and (3) transferred for the purposes of being recycled. Oil-based paint is hazardous waste paint that contains oil as the vehicle ingredient, including drying oil, oil varnish or oil-modified resin. Latex paint is non-toxic please consider alternative disposal options. Todays latex (water-based) paint has a very low level of toxicity. Disposing of it as a household hazardous waste is unnecessary and very expensive. Therefore, the illinois epa and kane county encourage people with unwanted latex paint to use other options. Acrylic paints typically include a rangeof biocides to protect the latex, which can include arsenic disulphide, phenol, copper, formaldehyde, carbamates, permethrin and quaternary ammonium compounds. Just because a paint says it is low voc does not mean it does not give off hazardous vapors! (u.). The most popular paint on the market, latex paint is easy to use and clean. However, this type of paint can cause serious damage to the environment if it is poured down the drain or thrown away in the regular trash. Latex paint is a hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly.   waterbased paints (called acrylic or latex) use water as the solvent but small amounts of dangerous solvents can be in the mix. According to the california department of toxic substances control. Latex paint is a waterbased coating containing resins, solvents, pigments. Dry pieces of latex paint are not poisonous to swallow - but they can be a risk for choking. Solvent-based paints can be more irritating than latex or oil-based paints on the skin or if swallowed. But the biggest concern is with inhaling the fumes into the lungs.   latex, or water-based, paints contain water as the primary liquid, although some other solvents may also be included.   latex paint contains mostly water, it is water soluble and will be diluted even more while the brushes etc are being cleaned. The only real problem with latex paint is, fumes, vocs, volitle organic compounds, but as for washing brushes in the yard there should not be a problem.   household paint usually contains up to 10,000 chemicals, of which approximately 300 are toxins and 150 have been linked to cancer.

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