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I have just installed texniccenter on my new computer and i am trying to use latex ps pdf profile as i was using this with my old computer. I checked all profile settings from output profile and they match settings of my old computer.   im having trouble making the latex ps pdf output profile. When i start texniccenter for the first time, the wizard comes up.   to get texniccenter to create pdf documents via ps files (required for psfrag, pstricks, eps graphics), you need to edit the profiles. Now select the profile latex ps, and press copy, at the dialog change the name to latex ps pdf.   texniccenter latex ps pdf profile date may 14, 2012 author akcora 3 comments i am uploading a tco file that you can import in texniccenter for pdf files. Texniccenters latex ps pdf output profile might be set to produce a4 size (210 x 297 mm 8. To check or change it do build menu define output profiles.).

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