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The label command should be added after the counter number for the section has been generated.   if you are using overleaf (maybe it works in other environment too) you can address to the official cross referencing sections, equations and floats referencing sections and chapters and use the following construction sectionsection in first partlabelsecinfirstpart section refsecinfirstpart is cool. In latex you can easily reference a section by using label next to a section and then ref to create the reference. However, the reference only includes the number of the section, or the page with pageref. This is the eighth video in a series of 21 by dr vincent knight of cardiff university. Here we see how to add sections and subsections to your latex documents, and how to refer to them using the ref and label commands. By using label and ref commands, the references always point to.   if you have not installed biber, you need to install it first. Here is the command to install biber on ubuntu sudo apt-get install biber. 11 references, citations, footnotes labelnameassigns a unique name to an equation, gure, table, or section. Eqrefnameinserts reference to the labeled equation equivalent to (refname).   i want to change the section heading style for the references section. I want the word references appear in the center, bold, and font size 12pt (the same font size that i am using for the rest of my document). The default style of section heading in the article class that is induced by the command bibliographyfilename.   in my library create a new folder and insert your required references. Note it doesnt have to be the completed list as this method allows you to add references at any stage. Click on the tools tab then select options press the bibtex tab at the top of the pop up page.

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