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Latex rubber for casting concrete

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Naturform molding latex rubbers are most often used to make molds for casting concrete (e. , veneer stone manufacturing and statuary), plaster and limited casting with some resins. These latex products offer excellent tear strength and elongation properties and are available in 58-62 solid content and 70-74 solid content options. Environmolds product is on par with fxs latex in terms of viscosity, and its an ideal pick for making rubber masks, prosthetic makeup, and other effective, lifelike props. It can be applied in layers with a brush or used for dip molding, given its excellent consistency and thickness.   latex mold with black rubber powder additive for concrete casting. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.   in this video i explain the proper mold release mixture to use on latex rubber molds used to cast statuary. Natural liquid latex is suitable for making rubber molds by brushing, or spraying. Our special method of compounding, and its high solids content, permit reproduction of the finest detail. Its major uses are for creating flexible, durable molds for pouring concrete and plaster for lawn and garden ornaments, statues, fountains, and the restoration of buildings. Latex fiberglass concrete molds rubbermoldman a selection of latex rubber and fiberglass molds used for casting beautiful concrete statuary. Com international buyers, contact me directly at rubbermoldmangmail. How to use latex moulds for concrete this a brief overview of the methods of concrete casting to get you up and running. For more in depth information ask for our e-book on the subject. Release agents for natural latex are used to allow concrete release from the mold, and protect the rubber from polyester resins sticking to it. One advantage of silicone mold rubbers is that they have better release qualities than polyurethane rubbers release agents are generally not necessary when casting concrete in silicone molds. , pol-ease 2650 release agent) should be applied to polyurethane rubber molds before casting concrete. Some softer polyurethane mold rubbers may not require release agent (e.). Concrete mold latex rubber mold for concrete plaster resin and more cherub. High quality silicone mouldmold for concrete planterscandlespots with lid.

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