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Latex syntax highlighting

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Syntax highlighting in latex using the listings package is very powerful. First, let me briefly summarize the usage of the listings package. This example shows how to set the options for automatic syntax highlighting for code in latex with the listings package (which provides the lstlisting environment). I am looking for a latex package that does syntax highlighting on code.   just run the following command apm install language-latex. This package provides rich latex syntax highlighting for vscode. It provides only syntax highlighting no annoying snippets etc. The latter provides language intelligenceauto-completion and a build system interface. Heres the example above with the default latex syntax highlighting of course it could be adjusted to the requirements and the design of our site. Listings - xml syntax highlighting - tex - latex stack exchange. I use the following code to include some xml codelstsetlanguagexmlbeginlstlisting?xml version1. The sentence i know that the texlive is working because i get correct latex syntax in geany. ) works without having texlive installed at all and is no indication whether texlive actually works.

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