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Latex tabular spacing

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You could have added this extra space in the column specification. By default, the white space next to a column is tabcolsep (resulting in 2tabcolsep between two columns). To add a space to the white space you could use hspacetabcolsep. Titlelatex table spacing example example by john hammersley documentclassarticle usepackageusenames,dvipsnamesxcolor begindocument sectiontable with default spacings a table with the default row and column spacings begintabular c c c first row & -6 & -5 second row & 4 & 10 third row & 20 & 30 fourth row & 100 & -30 endtabular. (la)tex mechanisms for maintaining the space between lines (the leading ) rely on texs paragraph builder, which compares the shape of consecutive lines and adjusts the space between them. These mechanisms cant work in exactly the same way when (la)tex is building a table, because the paragraph builder doesnt get to.   adding this to the document preamble will add space between the rows renewcommandarraystretch1.   put noindent before the tabular environment (the space happens because its trying to indent the paragraph, which in this case happens to start with a table). You could also comment out all blank lines preceding the tabular environment and include a line break after the text.   in this case we need to separate the rows individually, which can be done at the end of the tabular line. Consider the following code begintabularrl bf first column & bf second column hline -1. 5ex first item & first attribute & second attribute & third attribute 1ex hline -1.   ive updated my latex installation to the latest version and theres no differences in the tables output. I compiled your example above, and changed that command renewcommandarraystretch1. Line and paragraph spacing arbitrary size spaces nhspace length makes a horizontal space.   normally i would also suggest to use xlllxlll to remove the space in front and after the columns, but for this specific example, this lead to a.

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