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Latex testing quality control standards

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Natural rubber and its products, such as latex, contain an antigenic protein that can cause an immune response. Many people have severe, even life threatening, allergies to latex and other natural rubber products. Common symptoms include skin redness, hives, itching, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat and. Malayan testing laboratory is one of the acccredited testing laboratory that provides testing and certification services for dried natural rubber of standard malaysian rubber authorised by the malaysian rubber board of malaysia. Malayan testing laboratory is also equipped to provide quality control and testing services for technical specified. Latex allergen testing with fitkit fitkit is an elisa test for measuring natural rubber latex (nrl) allergens from a variety of rubber products, such as gloves, condoms, teats, etc. Fitkit technology has been developed by the leading scientists working in the field of nrl allergy, in cooperation with major glove manufacturers. All condoms are electronically tested for pinholes in the manufacturing area. This is accomplished by subjecting them to a high-voltage test that rejects individual condoms that, due to pinholes, allow current to be conducted across the rubber film. Each electronic testing machine is validated prior to being put into service. Iso technical committee 157 (isotc 157)non-systemic contraceptives and sti barrier prophylactics is responsible, inter alia, for develop-ing the international standard for male latex rubber condoms, iso 4074 natural latex rubber condoms requirements and test methods. 00 mgl fluoride standard solution, they should find their fluoride measurements to be very close to 1. This allows the analyst the ability to verify that they are running the test correctly and reading accurate results for the parameter.

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