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Latex to microsoft word

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  step 2 convert from latex to ms word im going to assume that you have a latex file ready to convert to word. Then you need to open a cmd window and direct to the directory containing the latex.   rather than the output file, you can try to convert the latex source file to word. I have not tried many converters, but one that works fine is latex-to-word from grindeq. Docx2tex is a free converter prepared for word 2007, but i dont know if it only converts word documents into latex or also works the. Grindeq latex-to-word converts latex, ams-latex, plain tex, or ams-tex documents to microsoft word format. Works with microsoft word for windows, 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. Convert your tex and latex documents to microsoft word choose either microsoft equation, equation editor 3. Some latex expressions take a slightly different syntax than might be expected.   after you have installed this software, a ribbon will appear in the word menu. To change to the latex input mode, click the button in the lower right of panel or press shortcut key ctrl tab. It support latex command auto-completion once you start typing , which is convenient. According to description latex in word provides macros for microsoft word that allow the use of latex input to create equations images in both inline and display modes without having to install any software on the local computer. Php?platex2word this module converts latex, ams-latex, plain tex, or ams-tex documents to microsoft word format. You can choose the following formats for texlatex equations microsoft equation, old equation 3.

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