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Latex vac bed

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The vac bed is placed over a mattress like a bed sheet and has a simple large opening at the bottom to climb into. Fold the opening back under the bed to create a sealed end and make sure your mouth is. Latex allergy - natural rubber latex allergy latex garments are produced from natural rubber latex (nrl). We make vac-beds which are airtight and come with a one way valve. We also make basic vac beds with a normal zip, for those of you who would like a more gentle experience. Unlike other vacuumbeds , this one is airtight , so you can enjoy it without the noise of running vacuumcleaner. How it works the bed composes of sack 250cm long , with one short side open. Latex vac bed size x frames about all latex clothes produced aqua are made from 100 natural we take customer very we latex of the best and full of with glued the of made us, we guarantee be see our store. Become a patron for bonus scenes and rubbery rewards httpswww. 7 three-way corners & 1 four-way corner provided regardless of frame choice. Attached are latex sleeves - they are made-to-measure for you , so they are airtight ( also it is possible to have gloves attached ). You can choose color thickness for top and bottom separately.

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