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Make a latex mask

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Apply casting latex with small pieces of upholstery foam, switch out the foam often, so that the latex you have applied doesnt get pulled away from the mold with the cured latex on the foam. This form can be an oversized molded craft-foam head or the head of. Trim any excess material off of the stocking, leaving only the.   2) paint both sections of the mold with a layer of thickened latex making sure you work it in to all the details. Let this set and then do it 3 or 4 times more to make it thick enough. Making sure you paint over the edges slightly then put the 2 halves together with latex between them. Now leave the whole love at least 24 if not 48 hours to set as much as possible, then de-mold it and leave it for another 24 hours to dry out some more. Because latex masks are made from plaster molds, we will need to first cast the face in a material that is malleable. We also want to make some gruesome changes so we will need to create a copy of the face in clay. For that we will melt down some oil-based clay and pour it into the mold. Allow the latex to dry several hours before peeling it off with a flat spatula. Once the mask has been assembled, you can apply acrylic paints directly to the material. Apply hair to the latex mask either by gluing it or using a stitching tool to sew it on by hand. If you have ever wanted to learn to make your own custom halloween masks than this is the place to start. We are the worlds only source for complete, latex halloween mask making kits. Select from our entry basic kit to professional kits that you can use t. In part 3 of his 3-part how to make a mask webcourse series, master character creator tim martin (the thing, jurassic park 3, avp) delivers invaluable tips on how to patch, paint and finish your custom latex mask.

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