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Maxima export latex

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  i export an equation in latex form from maxima and it gives me. Arccos left (cos left ( 2,pi,f,tvarphiover aright),a -2,pi,f,tright)varphi.   its easy to convert maxima output into tex (i1) tex (5x2sin (x)c) sin x5,x2c. Tex behaves pretty nicely maybe ill make a future post about that. I know that is possible to export in latex format, but the document must be after modify in a latex editor. Is possible to create directly in maxima a structured report where, when i must re-use it, i must only change the number without layout modifcation or latex adjustments.   here is an equation from maxima mathrmfxleft( xright) sqrtfrac12cdot pi cdot xcdot mathrmexpleft( frac-x2right) user1930565 jun 29 15 at 1109 that also seems to work fine here, i get i. Then, instead of copy-pasting by hand to a latex document, you could run the following in sage with open(pathtofile. Left(beginarray rr 1 & 0 0 & 1 endarrayright) to your latex document.

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