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My sassy girl korean

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My sassy girl is a 2017 south korean television drama series directed by oh jin seok. It is based on the 2001 hit film by the same title directed by kwak jae yong but takes the modern-day story back to the joseon dynasty. A respected scholar inadvertently becomes the protector of a mischievous princess.   my sassy girl is the remake of the super popular, early 2000s movie of the same name. In this version, though, the story doesnt take place in modern times, but in the joseon period. Its a light romantic- comedy sageuk with a dose of political intrigue mixed in. Movie my sassy girl revised romanization yeopgijeogin geunyeo hangul director kwak jae-young writer kim ho-sik (novel), kwak jae-young producer shin chul, park geon-seob cinematographer kim sung-bok release date july 27, 2001 runtime 123 min. Genre romantic-comedy country south korea language korean plot. Based on the 2001 movie my sassy girl , but set in a historical time period. My sassy girl is the last acting performance by joo won before his mandatory enlistment in the south korean military. His enlistment begins may 16, 2017 and he will be released february 15, 2019. A young man sees a drunk, cute woman standing too close to the tracks at a metro station in seoul and pulls her back.   erik, the asian movie enthusiast presentsa spoiler-free review of the smash hit my sassy girl, a south korean romantic comedy from 2001.   how my sassy girl made and broke the korean romantic comedy genre. Based on a series of true stories posted by ho-sik kim on the internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. July 21, 2011 marked the ten year anniversary of the seminal korean rom com , aka my sassy girl. I promised myself i would not re-watch the film until the 10 year celebrations had passed so i could watch it without nostalgia glasses. First of all i have to say, anyone who is a fan of korean cinema.

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