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Scriptstyle in latex

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Scriptstyle command is used to over-ride automatic style rules and force script style. Stays in force until the end of math mode or the braced group, or until another style is selected. Scriptscriptstyle command is used to over-ride automatic style rules and force scriptscript style.   scriptstyle is a tex primitive and gives a way to force switching to the style that is automatically used in subscripts. Using script fonts in latex there are three script-like fonts available in most standard latex distributions.   board index latex math & science ask a question latex text formatting graphics, figures & tables math & science fonts & character sets page layout document classes general latexs friends bibtex, biblatex and biber makeindex, nomenclature, glossaries and acronyms conversion tools viewers for pdf, ps, and dvi xetex others latex distributions. A)dx scriptstyle int f-1(x-xa),dx r f1(xxa) dx scriptscriptstyle int f-1(x-xa),dx text mode tiny smallest scriptsize very small footnotesize smaller small small normalsize normal large large large large large large huge huge huge .   documentclass10ptarticle usepackageamsmath renewcommandfamilydefaultsfdefault begindocument default this is some text with the variable k10 looking too large textstyle everymathtextstyle this is some text with the variable k10 still looking too large scriptstyle everymathscriptstyle this is some text with the variable k10. There is yet another script font that can be used in latex for upper case letters. Diagramstylelabelstylescriptstyle the small reduces the distances between objects, nohug stops the labels rotating with their arrows (mostly), and headsvee determines the size and shape of the heads on the arrows (alternatives latex, littlevee, triangle,.).

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