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Silicone based rubber latex

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  natural rubber (latex and solution casted) is used as a biomaterial owing to its chemical, physical, biological, and mechanical properties, imparted after a specified compounding and optimum vulcanization process (see fig. It is a macromolecule of isoprene (c 5 h 8) as a monomer unit, with likely cis-configuration with one double bond in each repeating unit, however. Is essentially the original name given to latex and is a natural product harvested from the rubber tree, shown in the picture below. Latex was the first rubber-like material invented and continues to be used in a number of applications today. Silicone water-based elastomers, sometimes referred to as swbe or silicone rubber latex or silicone latex, are aqueous dispersions or emulsions of silicone.   there are many silicone-based materials on the market, including high consistency silicone rubber (hcr), fluorosilicone rubber (fsr) compounds, and liquid silicone rubber (lsr). It features high service temperature in the range of 300 degree c and low shear strength. This type of adhesive is best suited for sealing applications, glazing and for binding metals, glass and silicone. For bulk requirement of rubber adhesives, rubber sealants, rubber.

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